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Kitchen Tips: 6 Underrated Kitchen Tools to Increase Your Efficiency

Cooking in a messy kitchen is like a terrible dream, isn’t it? Therefore, it is essential to maintain an organized kitchen with essential cooking utensils kept in the right place. This raises a question: what is an essential kitchen utensil? The most common answer will be pans, kadhai, bowl, ladle, pressure cooker et al. We agree that each of these utensils has a very important role to play. But very often we tend to neglect some other tools and devices that we use daily. Here we have compiled a list of those underrated kitchen utensils that help increase our efficiency and save time in the kitchen. Looked.

Here are 6 underrated kitchen utensils used for your daily cooking needs:

1. Drumstick:

We hardly talk about this indispensable tool. A potato masher is, in fact, used daily for vegetables and even other ingredients during our everyday cooking. You need a potato masher to make mashed potatoes or puree vegetables to get the thick texture of a sabzi (like pav bhaji).

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A pestle makes the process much simpler.

2. Cutting board:

We all talk about the importance of a good knife in a kitchen setup; but hardly have we spoken of the coming board. Knife and cutting board go together and complement each other. A good cutting board helps you get started and speeds up the cutting process. Besides, it also helps to keep the kitchen neat and clean.

3. Lemon squeezer:

Another important utensil that we use regularly is a lemon squeezer. It eliminates the work of properly deseeding lemons before squeezing the juice. All you have to do is put half a lemon in a juicer and squeeze the juice out completely – that too without making a mess!

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lemons lemon juice

No need to squeeze the lemon by hand or make a mess!

4. Garlic press:

Let’s agree, chopping is a time-consuming affair, especially when it has to be done with the utmost precision. Imagine finely chopping garlic to add to your tadka! Such tedious work; is not it? That’s why, many of us like to use a garlic press which helps you get finely chopped garlic in no time.

5. Silicone Treadmill:

We talk about the importance of a tawa for making roti. But hardly are we talking about the skateboard and the hairpin. It is used to roll roti flat before grilling it on tawa. Likewise, today we get a silicone rolling mat, which is just perfect for kneading atta and rolling roti, paratha, pizza base, bread and more.

6. Silicone rubber funnel:

This is probably the least talked about tool in a kitchen setup. But, if you explore, you will surely find it in every household. It is mainly used to pour oil (from the package) into the container, without any spillage.

What do you think are the most underrated tools in a kitchen setup? Let us know in the comments below.