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Kitchen tools and organizers under Rs 1999 which are essential in every household.

Moved to a new house or stuck in the same old kitchen with no space to move, here’s everything you want to revamp your kitchen space. While tools and utensils make a kitchen, organizers to place them neatly are also important for decluttering space and helping you find everything when you need it. Here we offer you 7 products from Amazon under Rs 1999 which are indispensable in every kitchen for its easy operation.

Silicone Tool Set

While the silicone handles of these tools can reduce kitchen rattling noise, its beautiful design can also add to the decor of the space. Its non-slip handles absorb pressure and make it easy to grip. This set includes a can opener, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, cheese grater, peeler, garlic press and whisk.

Price: Rs 1999

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Steel kitchen knife set

Using good quality sharp knives can speed up your work and get things done with precision and perfection. This set consists of a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a knife sharpener. They are super useful and are indispensable in your kitchen.


Price: Rs 1099

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Knife holder with tools

Here is yet another knife set which includes a boner knife, utility knife, steak knife, paring knife and a pair of scissors. This kitchen knife set is made from a single piece of stainless steel with riveted handles that provide a comfortable experience and each one ensures a secure grip. The wooden stand can be placed on a corner of your rack for easy access to your knives.


Price: Rs 328

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herb scissors

With five different blade options, these scissors will help you cut vegetables and fruit as well as grate cheese and slice potatoes quickly and effortlessly.


Price: Rs 399

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kitchen dish drainer

You can accommodate most of your cooking utensils in this single rack where glasses, plates, dishes and spatulas can be organized separately with ease to get them faster when you need them. It helps you neatly organize all your tools and utensils and create more space in your kitchen.


Price: Rs 1599

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Counter stand

Much like the above rack for placing your utensils, this mini countertop rack helps sort out the clutter by helping you neatly place all the little spice boxes and food containers. Things you use often like sugar, salt, tea powder, etc. can be neatly arranged in this two-level locker.


Price: Rs485

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Adhesive storage rack

Utilize wall space with this wall mounted adhesive storage rack made of strong, hard plastic and has a strong load capacity and can hold up to 5kg with a strong grip system. It comes with different compartments and 4 hanging hooks to store all your kitchen essentials.


Price: Rs 879

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