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LG’s new kitchen appliances integrate with the ThinQ system

For some home cooks, preparing meals would be much easier with just a little help. LG today announced that two of its new kitchen appliances now come with cooking tips, recipe automation and even in-app shopping assistance.

LG’s InstaView Double Oven Slide-In Gas Range and Deck Mount Microwave connects to the LG ThinQ Recipe app which will allow owners to find recipes and cook thousands of step-by-step recipes with tips of their devices.

A smartphone displaying the in-app LG ThinQ recipe functionality.

Going one step further, LG devices will also have in-app shopping features that will order groceries from Walmart or Amazon Fresh so you can execute those recipes perfectly with all the right ingredients. Additionally, a feature called Scan-to-Cook allows users to scan the UPC barcode of certain prepared meals to automatically set the temperature and cooking time directly on the device.

As for the range, there’s also convection cooking, an air fry setting and what LG calls Air Sous Vide which allows for greater temperature accuracy. The range also has two separate cooking ovens which allow you to prepare two different dishes at two different temperatures. Up top, there’s LG’s UltraHeat Power Burner technology, which LG says boosts cooker power, allowing for faster cooking.

To keep the heat from escaping when you want to peek and see how things are going, you can knock twice on the door and the interior will light up, a new feature called LG InstaView. It will be interesting to see if customers find this feature appealing, as pressing a button to turn on the light never felt like a real hassle in need of repair.

The LG over the entire range Slide-out Microwaves.
LG Over-the-Range Microwave with ExtendaVent

On the microwave side, the LG Over-the-Range Microwave will of course atomize your food, but it also adds steam capabilities, which makes it a bit more versatile. Steam ovens are nothing new, but having steam and microwave technology in one unit is a definite space saver.

Anyone who’s ever had an “OTR” microwave knows that it’s often not the best at effectively removing cooking odors, smoke, or steam, as it often doesn’t extend far enough over the mid range. to fire front burners. LG says it’s tackled this pesky problem with its slide-out ExtendaVent, which pulls out the front of the range to purify the air more efficiently. (As someone who just purchased a fairly inefficient but brand new OTR, I’d love to see this in action and find out if it would really make a difference.)

There’s no price or release date yet for these new devices, as they’re officially launching as part of CES 2022.

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