Limestone backsplash: A perfect mix of past and present

If you believe that backsplash designs should combine refinement with function, then you are heading in the right direction. There’s nothing better than the limestone backsplash that exemplifies this fact better. An explosive combination of style and durability, limestone is both beautiful and powerful. It is no wonder that it beats all its other natural stone counterparts hollow.

Unmatched versatility

Limestone is an important member of the natural stone family like granite, marble, slate and travertine, among others. Like all other stones, limestone provides a very tough and durable surface, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. No surprises then that limestone counters and limestone counter tops are more visible in today’s times in addition to sinks, flooring, table tops and kitchen islands. Classy and elegant, limestone is now among the most sought after stone surfaces for the kitchen backsplash.

This provides a solid material for all purposes. Also, it can bear high pressures and heat and can match any décor effortlessly. If used well, it will look better even after several years. One look at the limestone colors and you’ll be floored. Available in both polished and clefted finishes, limestone tiles can be custom fabricated to fit all areas. Looking for innovative designs? Limestone tiles are available in diverse designs that can enliven any kitchen. Be it the diamond patterns or even the warm and soothing coffee tones that compliment a Tuscan kitchen perfectly or even the cross rhythms and the basket weave designs, there’s plenty to choose from.

Nothing’s perfect

But the stone does have its deficiencies. Like it requires sealing to protect it from those ugly stains and moisture. It becomes porous easily and absorbs grease and dirt. The brittle tiles mean that they need to be handled with utmost care. Even the cleaning agents need to be used carefully. Use of acidic cleaning agents can rob the surface of its original shine and luster. But above all, like all natural stone surfaces, this stone is pricey. The cost could vary from $4-$20 per square foot.

Limestone has been an integral part of all historical monuments and architecture of the bygone era. Now the very same material is back, only to grace the kitchen wall with the same splendor. Will you find anything that signifies the perfect embodiment of the glorious post and the magnificent present like limestone does?