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MENA CEO: TEKA: leader in the demand for niche built-in kitchen appliances

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What has been your biggest challenge during the pandemic period when running your business and how do you think you overcame it?

Our biggest challenge with so many mobility restrictions during lockdown as well as with customers trying to avoid contact with other people, was being able to provide service and take care of their TEKA devices when they needed it. But we did.

We have not stopped the activity of our Care & Service Center even for a single day and we have implemented our Unconventional Care service methodology so that all our customers feel comfortable receiving our technicians at their home.

How has the outlook changed for your industry over the past two years, how is your business model changing to meet new demands?

25 years ago in this part of the world, the retail business model was not very developed. The main business model was the start of construction activity and traditional small cluster stores.

Over the years the business model has changed and the retail business has evolved, starting with more professional traditional stores like Kitchen Studios, expanding in recent years to modern distribution channels like hypermarkets, DIY and many more. safe e-commerce.

The markets have opened up and everything looks as usual. However, there is a growing demand for maintaining the remote access options of several industry brands. Is remote access the way forward for businesses in a post-COVID-19 world?

The development of the big cities is almost complete and this can be said with great vision and great success in all respects. From my point of view, it is now necessary to develop and promote other smaller towns and remote areas so that there is a homogeneity of development and opportunities across the country. This will allow all brands to continue to grow and, without a doubt, e-commerce will be a key factor for this.

How has your brand positively impacted the sector since you took over the reins of the company?

When we started here 20 years ago, there was primarily an interest in stand-alone devices. Today and 20 years after establishing our first office in the United Arab Emirates, we have equipped over 500 construction projects (buildings and villas) with thousands of our integrated devices. Today there is a growing demand for European built-in kitchen appliances, and I think we have had a significant impact on the trend and demand that exists today for this type of product.

Government incentives and pro-entrepreneurship initiatives go a long way to helping businesses get on the path to growth and succeed. How well has the UAE government been supporting your brand’s cause?

When it comes to products, the UAE government has always been very sensitive to the care and safety of citizens and has been attentive to the application of similar or equivalent standards and regulations developed in other countries such as CE, in order that products marketed in the UAE meet the necessary requirements. This is actually a great help for manufacturers, importers and traders since we don’t have to perform unnecessary tests or have to specify and adapt products unnecessarily, as is the case in other countries with the high economic cost that this implies.

What are your expansion plans over the next two years? What do you think are the areas of growth at the regional level and how do you plan to take advantage of them?

As I commented previously, I think it is time to bet on the development of the other Emirates and as for the region, Saudi Arabia, India and Iran are certainly among the markets that will experience the most of development in the coming years for our kind of products.

In conclusion, and in keeping with the theme of this report, how would you define leadership in the context of a post-COVID-19 world?

For us here at TEKA, our leadership in the built-in appliance segment is not just based on our numbers or our innovative products. Our leadership is also based on our values, the unconventional care we provide to our customers and creating meaningful moments in their homes when they use our products.