Metal backsplash: Compliments every kitchen

The use of metal in kitchens has increased over the last couple of years. So whether it is copper, brass, zinc or aluminum we find them in all corners of the modern day kitchen. But the best part is that metal suits all-modern, contemporary, old world and traditional kitchens. The metal backsplash is another great alternative behind the counter top and sink. Truly versatile in every way, it offers a host of advantages.

The pros and cons

The benefits are hard to ignore. To begin with, the backsplash is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with warm soapy water and sponge. You’ll face no problem with extreme heat. There’s no need to seal and oil or wax the backsplash. But on the flip side, the backsplashes made from zinc, brass and copper need to be polished often to retain their original luster.  These metals are extremely prone to scratches and dents so they need to be handled with care. The problem of oxidation and the impact of acidic substances are too harsh to ignore. Further, irrespective of the kind of metal you opt for, all of them are among the more expensive, priced around $20 per square foot. You’ll pay much more for all the cut outs and the installation. But the use of metal panels may work out slightly cheaper.

Design options

There are several variations that offer a range of attractive and interesting designs. All that is needed is a wild imagination to create new patterns. You can either tile the entire backsplash in a single metal or even use a combination of different metals, stone and glass in varied proportions to create a unique effect. Even the use of thermoplastic backsplash panels from metal art in only certain sections of the backsplash will give a distinct look to the kitchen. The sheet metal backsplash used in restaurants to create a stainless steel backsplash can compliment every modern kitchen. Apart from the metal look backsplash, even the use of metal fabricators to create textures like hammered, quilted and rubbed for stainless steel, brass and copper backsplashes is truly remarkable. The decorative metal backsplash in aluminum, copper and a host of other metals also look stunning.

Functional, easy to maintain and great looks are some the qualities that make this a complete all rounder. Bring it home today and enjoy the difference.