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Mitch Beer is eyeing a payday at the Inglis Sprint with a bargain purchase

In the lucrative Inglis Sprint at Flemington on Saturday, Mitch Beer will be attempting to win his fourth straight race with Well InSight, an ex-Maher/Eustace galloper who was on her way to China at the time.

During an online sale run in New Zealand, Mitch Beer purchased Well InSight, a horse destined for the Inglis Sprint.

Mitch Beer, the Albury trainer, would attest to the notion that Covid-19 has caused the world to function in mysterious ways.

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Beverage company owner Beer’s stable on the NSW side of the border with Victoria endured months of hardship due to closures that made it difficult for personnel to get to work, while placing his horses was equally challenging.

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However, the Covid travel restrictions introduced the unbeaten filly Well InSight into Beer’s world.

Beer was taken aback by how the world has changed since Covid first appeared in 2020.

I guess Covid has given us a small gift in return for all the trouble she’s caused us here in Albury,” he remarked.

“Over the previous two years, everyone has been forced to look for silver linings and positives, and this little filly is one of those,” says the trainer.

For the Ciaron Maher and David Eustace team, Well InSight was a $170,000 yearling buy trialed twice before being sold.

On the other hand, Beer only paid a fraction of that sum for Shalaa’s daughter.

“It doesn’t get any more mysterious as to how she ended up at our stable,” Beer added.

“I’m a bit of a purveyor of internet bloodstock, and we comb through the sales until we come across a small website that handles sales in New Zealand,” says the author.

On this website, I found information about eight or ten horses who were registered with the New Zealand Stud Book, but they were all purchased in Australia and were not registered with the New Zealand Stud Book.”

“We conducted our investigation and discovered that they were owned by a Chinese businessman who desired to relocate all of his racing stock to China, but that was difficult under Covid.”

He sent them to New Zealand since that was the only way to get them to China without going through Australia, and they became stranded there for several months.”

“He just yanked the plug, uploaded the photos on the internet, and sold them.” We purchased her for $19,000 and transported her back to Albury.”

With one win on her home track in January, Well In Sight immediately established herself as a bargain, winning another two races in a row while taking on older, more experienced opponents in each of her three starts.

Beer and the ownership group, including Sky race caller Anthony Manton and former Hawthorn and Carlton player Daniel Harford, are going all-in in Saturday’s $750,000 Inglis Sprint at Flemington, according to the Melbourne Herald Sun.

Well, InSight knows it will be a difficult assignment to beat the well-performed duo Overpass and Sneaky Five, and they know it.

However, a small portion of the wealthy’s wealth would be appreciated by the connected.

We’re just hoping to get her over here and have her win a couple of races to pay for herself, and if we get anything better, it’ll be a bonus,” Beer said. “If we get anything better, it’ll be a bonus.”

She has amassed 55 grand in three starts, leading me to believe that we are now entering that bonus territory.

While it is difficult to argue that Overpass and Sneaky Five will not run one-two, plenty of money is available below the winning spot if they run to their form.

When it comes to producing an upset at Flemington on Saturday, Well InSight is a $31 shot.

InSight was initially published as Mitch Beer seeking Inglis Sprint payday with a bargain buy on the NBC Sports website.