Kitchen appliances

Modern and minimal kitchen appliances to help Millennial home cooks unleash their inner MasterChef!

There’s something about cooking and Millennials that just isn’t right! Try as best you can, they don’t always mix well. Although cooking is a skill that we must include in our repertoire of skills. And I managed to do it successfully in the midst of a global pandemic! From a chore that I completely avoided, cooking has now become a therapeutic activity for me. But I believe that in addition to natural talent and tons of trial and error, the perfect set of kitchen appliances is needed to master the art of cooking. And, to help all those millennials, who just can’t perfect the Herculean feat of cooking, we’ve curated a collection of modern, minimalist kitchen appliances that promise to be their ultimate lifeline. From a wood-fired Japanese barbecue to a 3-in-1 cooking appliance that includes a stove top, convection oven and grill with magnetic skewers – these products can cut your prep time in half, make them small. much easier cooking tasks, and help you with time-consuming and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

The lead designer of the project, Seiki Ishii, took a close look at the dynamics of city life without compromising on cooking the mouthwatering rotisserie, churrasco steak or cooking fresh salmon sushi from the market. This intercultural cooking space results in an elegant and compact barbecue that recalls the style of Spanish and Brazilian barbecues. The one dominated by the wood burned in the fireplace to create a constant fire for the most evenly cooked delicacies. Called BBQ & co Grill, this minimalist barbecue comes with a cooktop that can be customized according to cooking needs. Continuous and even cooking is the highlight of this wood-fired grill which is further refined by its ultra-modern design perfect for townhouses.

Winner of the iF Design Award as well as the Golden Pin Design Award, the ATONCE is a compact and portable 5 in 1 coffee machine that can fit in your pocket. The ATONCE coffee maker is a thermos sized appliance that comes with its own kettle, bean mill, pouring filter and coffee cup. Compact enough that you can carry it with you in your purse, backpack, or even a roomy pocket, ATONCE helps you brew barista-quality coffee with your favorite beans anywhere, in under 5 minutes. Its multi-piece design features a kettle for pouring water, an adjustable ceramic burr motorized bean grinder, a double-mesh stainless steel filter, a vacuum-insulated coffee mug, and a sip lid, wrapping each and every one of them. coffee maker in a clever and compact form.

Ugo is a portable two-part induction cooker that helps blind people navigate the kitchen through haptic dials and overall ergonomic construction. At the center of Ugo’s design, Famin incorporated a large stove dial that snaps into place when turned to the right. The size of the stove dial enhances the ergonomic design of the stove by guiding the user’s sense of touch to the main power function of the stove. Famin’s cooker also implements wide, easy-to-grip handles, ensuring safe transport and increasing the tactile attributes of the stove. Ugo also recites step-by-step recipes to users, weaving in the sense of hearing to facilitate the experience of blind people in the kitchen. This addition allows users to engage with cookware and accessories already in their kitchen and cook while Ugo tells each step of the process.

Meet the Oblige, an entertainment space where owners can portray their personal traits by customizing the modular device to suit their lifestyle or living space. Modular cafe intends to go beyond the idea of ​​the basic functions that your kitchen appliances perform. For the designers of Oblige, arranging a cafe at home is not practical at the moment because it is not easy to arrange space with all the necessary appliances. Connecting them all to water and power sources is another headache. Just think about brewing a great cup of coffee – you need a list of appliances – your coffee grinder, pod machine, espresso maker, milk frother, and more – whatever you choose! Oblige allows the user to select and combine an appliance (ice maker, soda maker, water purifier, coffee grinder, espresso machine, kettle and oven) according to their convenience and preference. If the need arises, users can combine more modules to meet their extended demand while maintaining a visually similar aesthetic.

Check out the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulation) to keep your drinks cooler chilled … and as a bonus, it comes with a cover that doubles as a board charcuterie, so you can accompany your wine with some cold cuts and some eclectic cheeses, or your beers with crisps and a dip and a few cocktail nuts too! The Wooly is touted as one of the only recyclable coolers available today, made from an outer casing of aluminum and stainless steel instead of plastic. It is also the first consumer cooler to use wool as an insulating material, instead of synthetic foam.

Decker is a fully electric appliance, so grilling on it is free from fossil fuels like coal. It creates a smoke-free experience that’s perfect for an urban kitchen or balcony. Millennials and millennials have little access to the experience of grilling food. Using a barbecue indoors only creates a fire hazard, but most living quarters do not allow it due to the smoke and soot which can be bothersome in towns where people often live too close to each other. “We worked to understand the primary user and their daily habits, likes and dislikes, as well as the environment in which the product is likely to be used. Using a bunch of observational research as well as qualitative questions, we were able to get a ton of information on how we can move away from the traditional kitchen appliance, ”the team said.

Designed to be virtually the swiss army knife of travel mugs, the hodi has a unique two-part design that splits into two separate glasses – one for hot drinks, another for cold drinks. It even comes with an airtight lid that doubles as a container for snacks and has a mesh filter for brewing drinks. The hodi works with coffee, tea, juices, milkshakes, beer, wine, soft drinks and potentially even protein drinks, and most importantly, it’s just as portable as most mugs. normal travel. It all starts with hodi’s unique design reminiscent of the iconic Guinness beer glass. With its curved and tapered design, hodi ensures that its functional experience also brilliantly translates into an aesthetic. Carry hodi and it doesn’t look like an over-designed thermos, it looks like one of the most iconic drink glasses of all time.

The black box-like design almost looks like a Black Mirror gadget, with its clean, minimal aesthetic – and it packs a punch! This unique device combines five main functions: grilling, simmering, poaching, frying or steaming! Dubbed The Tastemaker, the tagline is “Tradition and innovation together present a breakthrough for restaurant kitchens.” Carbon graphite fused with the wisdom of Japanese cuisine creates a product unprecedented in culinary history. Why carbon graphite? It is a material lighter than iron, used for aftermarket and specialty parts. When prepared properly, it has wear resistance, high temperature capabilities, self-lubricating properties, and the ability to be used with corrosive materials. This cube offers superior heat retention with the ability to emit five times more infrared than cast iron. The design is compatible with all heating sources – induction heat, gas and even the oven!

Ordine is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a traditional bulky stove, paving the way for more space for cabinets and counters. The design includes two hotplates mounted to a central wall-mounted power hub. Raised carefully out of the way, the user simply needs to grab one or both hobs from the wall and set the desired temperature to activate. Clad in materials consisting of natural wood and copper, the design not only saves valuable kitchen space, but is also designed to complement the aesthetics of your interior.

Although this is not a kitchen appliance, consider it a little extra for your culinary adventures, from us! What if your pasta could lie flat and take up less shape when wrapped, and take the shape you want when baking? Strange as this design brief may sound, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and Zhejiang University City College are trying to figure out how to make pasta more “effective.” Sure, that can give a few traditional Italian cooks and nuns a panic attack, but hey… science does what science does, right? The new pasta shapes are a combination of familiar and absolutely original shapes, all calibrated to do two tasks: hold the sauce and taste fabulous. Some of them are loosely based on popular designs such as garganelli, fusilli and ziti, while other shapes completely redefine the kitchen with their appearance… with a clear distinction, creating a dough that begins as a flat sheet of dough. and grooved that transforms into a 3D shape when fired.