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NetNewsLedger – 5 kitchen appliances you should upgrade for your restaurant

Bobby Rahman – Professional Chef

Bobby Rahman is a true Canadian success story. He has been cooking in the country for over 15 years and his innovative take on traditional dishes is attracting everyone’s attention! Since he is an expert in the kitchen, we thought to take his advice to update the kitchen equipment so that every chef does not miss the basic things that are necessarily necessary in a restaurant.

If you’ve decided that your kitchen deserves an upgrade and you want to know how to upgrade a chef, this article will provide you with several tips to follow. Upgrading an entire kitchen can be expensive, but the choice is yours when it comes to appliances. You will need to ensure that you take the best care of your equipment and upgrade it safely. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a situation where you’re having trouble with your leader’s supply more often than you’d like. Here are Chef Bobby Rahman’s five most important pieces of equipment you should have in your kitchen.


Bobby Rahman: As a commercial kitchen owner, you need to invest in the right equipment for your business. Without refrigeration and freezer space, it’s impossible to keep ingredients fresh and prepare food ahead of time or stock up on inventory from bulk purchases.

Industrial grade refrigeration units are the backbone of any food handling operation. For example, they have a rapid chilling process to ensure large jars of sauce reach safe temperatures in record time and can be safely stored for long periods of time without fear of spoiling or spoiling before use. You’ll have to choose between floor-standing systems and those that fit on shelves – but both are great investments!

As the popularity of walk-in refrigerators and freezers grows, smaller restaurants may not need a larger unit. Customization is available to match any space limitations if you are looking for something more compact. Outdoor refrigeration options are also readily available, which might be perfect for those who like all their food prepared on-site in an outdoor kitchen or patio!

The wells

Bobby Rahman: Sinks are not only the most basic necessity in a kitchen; they are also essential for food safety. By maintaining cleanliness and hygiene from start to finish with stainless steel sinks, you can ensure that all of your dishes will look as good as they came in.

Food storage containers

Bobby Rahman: Keeping your kitchen organized is a big challenge. Finding the right container to store food in can be tricky, especially if you’re using moist food and need plastic containers that won’t break down over time. One solution I’ve found are rectangular metal steamer table inserts – they’re sold in restaurants and even come with lids! But it’s almost impossible to find these in stores as they either sell clunky glasses with no interlocking capability or expensive but not very durable plastic versions which will bankrupt you if you buy as many as you need!


Bobby Rahman: Forgetting one of the most important kitchen elements can make running a restaurant difficult. But for those days when you need to whip up an omelet or reheat fish, microwaves are still essential in any professional chef’s arsenal.

Fire extinguishing system

Bobby Rahman: There are many fire hazards in commercial kitchens, and having a fire suppression system on hand is crucial. Kitchen fires can start from cooking surfaces, so having an effective way to put them out is essential.


Bobby Rahman: These appliances are the heart and soul of any kitchen, so spending a little extra cash up front can be well worth it when you open up that new kitchen and provide your family with the best food possible. When you have the right devices, to begin with, you will find that the hard work has been made easier. It may even be nice to cook all your meals and desserts from this new and improved equipment. Once your kitchen is up and running, you can start thinking about upgrading a chef’s kitchen when you feel the need. Not only will you have a better equipped kitchen, but you will have a better business that is sure to earn you extra money.