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Over 100,000 Amazon shoppers love this digital kitchen scale

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Whether you’re a kitchen fanatic who makes meals every week or a newbie baker always keen to try a new recipe, you’ve probably considered purchasing a kitchen scale. They’re especially popular for cooking and baking because they offer something that even your favorite set of measuring spoons can’t – nearly rock-solid accuracy. If you want to make your recipe measurements more accurate and reduce your cleanup, consider adding this $ 13 kitchen scale to your range of gadgets.

When Greater Goods designed its Digital food scale, he did it with modern aesthetics in mind. The sleek 7.5-ounce design is thin and light, allowing home cooks to keep the scale on their counters or in a drawer. Knowing that function is even more important than style, Greater Good has programmed the kitchen scale to offer dry ingredient measurements in ounces and grams and liquid measurements in fluid ounces and milliliters.

“The scale is small, sleek, sleek and light, it’s the perfect size to store it in the corner of a drawer or on top of my cookbooks,” said one reviewer. “The screen size is very much appreciated as it seems to me that I constantly misplace my kitchen reading glasses. The industrial design is very attractive and modern, and the ‘zero’ function is amazing. It’s just perfection. absolute. I can’t wait to use it to make my weekly treats! “

Not only do the 100,000+ ratings praise the simple design, the 13,700 five-star reviewers also praise the food scale‘s ease of use. The first step in using the scale is to weigh the bowl you plan to use. Then press “tare”. From there, you can click between measurement types adding up to 11 pounds of dry and wet ingredients. By following this practice, you will find that you no longer need to clean additional measuring bowls, cups and spoons.

“I love this scale,” said another five-star reviewer. “It’s so thin, light and compact! It is easy to store and use. I can choose between pounds and ounces, grams and even fluid ounces and milliliters. It is easy to zero the weight of the container with the push of a button. I am so happy with this purchase! “

For each Digital food scale sold, Greater Good donates to a charitable partner. When you buy a kitchen scale before the sale ends, you’re giving back while making sure you’re producing your most accurate recipes yet.