Painted backsplash: Magic with colors

A kitchen backsplash is often regarded as the most functional part of the kitchen space. After all, it is meant to protect the kitchen wall from the splatters and spills that are so common in the kitchen. But there’s nothing stopping the backsplash from being stunning. Why not give your creative energies an outlet in the form of a painted backsplash? Irrespective of the surface, this looks fabulous, period.

Colors in the kitchen

This is a relatively new phenomenon. Painting was reserved only for kitchen cabinets but today painting the kitchen backsplash is the most creative and cost-effective way to give a new lease of life to the kitchen. Are you a wannabe artist? Then, you could try your hand at painting blocks of colors or even try the brilliance of solid colors. Stencil an attractive motif and add a textured finish and experience the difference in the elegance of the kitchen. For those who consider themselves experts in the art of using color, the combination of a painted design with techniques producing unique effects will definitely provide creative satisfaction. You can also blend colors that have never been seen before and create an altogether refreshing look. Even monochromatic colors can be utilized to create harmony in the visual appeal of the kitchen backsplash. If you feel like doing something bold and striking, paint the backsplash in colors that contrast the kitchen cabinets.


There are diverse ways in which one can paint the backsplash. A hand painted backsplash lends style and elegance like no other finish. The painted tile backsplash is among the most popular in order to create a unique look. The tiles can be integrated with colors in the other aspects of the kitchen décor like the table cloth, upholstery and cushions. You have a wide variety of images on the tiles like fruits, animals, vegetables and other decorative, eye-catching motifs. But tiles are not the only ways. There are other surfaces too that can be painted to tremendous effect. Like the painted glass backsplash or even the painted tin backsplash. Regardless of the surface that you decide to paint on, make it a point to consult an expert on the use of different sealers, primers and paints. This will certainly hold you in good stead.

If you want to create a unique identity for your kitchen, something that is inimitable, then this is definitely your cup of tea. Ready for this weekend job?

Here’s a nice design that you might want to take a look at. And maybe use in your kitchen as well 🙂