Can Peel And Press Tiles Really Help?

“Tile peeling is sending everybody reeling”, screamed the quirky ad line. My curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to delve deeper into the ephemeral world of peel and press tiles. Moreover, since the contemporary interior design firmament has placed peel and glue tiles on a pedestal higher than traditional favorites like ceramic backsplash tiles and vinyl floor tiles, it was about time that I let them wrap my world in a cloak of intrigue.

Floor Just About Anybody

The first thing that one notices in a room is the flooring. And so, homeowners are willing to go to any lengths to create flooring that arrests attention, and stops onlookers in their tracks.

If you belong to this bandwidth, then you are sure to explore options beyond hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and tiles. Legions of homeowners are now relying solely on stain, fade and static-resistant peel off carpet floor tiles to add spunk and pizzazz to the interiors of their rooms.

Here’s why nifty homeowners are using peel flooring to create a splash:

•    Peel and stick carpet tiles help you renovate just about any corner of your home – playroom, bedroom, basement, kitchen or any other high traffic areas.

•    They can be used to enliven outdoor spaces too. A covered deck or patio, screened porches or a swimming pool – there’s no place that these weather-resistant, highly durable tiles cannot spruce up when combined with an outdoor adhesive.

•    They prove to be a blessing in disguise for those battling the recession blues! Your damaged hardwood floor may be an eyesore, but replacing it will cause a severe strain on your finances. In such trying times, these carpet tiles bail you out, and how. This temporary sort of carpeting is a great solution before you decide to replace the hardwood floors.

•    People with pets or small kids simply love the convenience these tiles offer. They are easy to clean and maintain, and in case of invidious stains blighting their beauty, all you need to do is to replace the messy tile. But just make sure you have sufficient tiles in stock to cater for such situations.

•    The ease of installation and removal is another decisive advantage. The only effort required is to peel off the backing and press the tiles in place. Cutting them is another simple affair, and requires nothing more than the services of a utility knife or scissors. Now that’s something those with limited handyman competence as well as ardent do-it-yourselfers will definitely appreciate.

•    No matter what kind flooring you have – vinyl, hardwood or linoleum – these tiles can be fixed anywhere, without causing any damage to the pre-existing flooring. No more glue or tack strips that come with a host of pernicious effects. Also, the fact that they can be installed without any padding or underlay is another feather in their ever-expanding cap.

•    The creative few are sure to be completely ecstatic at the thought of constructing custom floors. A sensational checkerboard effect or borders in bewitching colors, the choice is entirely yours. With an array of breathtaking shades like ocean blue, meadow green and smoky grey, and fabulous designs and finishes, you are only limited by your imagination while using these tiles.

•    Above all, installing these tiles does not require you to have tremendous wherewithal. Their reasonable price makes them even more appealing during such financially gloomy times.

But it’s just not designer carpet tiles that have caught the nation’s fancy. Peel and press vinyl tiles made from best-quality sturdy vinyl without any intricate layers enjoy immense popularity as well.

Uncover Sizzling Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Self stick backsplash tiles have more than created their mark in the fascinating world of kitchen design. Peel and stick laminate or mosaic tiles, or self stick vinyl panels have made the concept of self sticking backsplashes enormously popular.

The Stick On Backsplash Fixation  

So why this affinity for a stick on laminate or self-stick mosaic tiles? There are several reasons associated for this fixation:

•    Whether you are undertaking a complete kitchen remodeling project or embellishing the dull and dreary wall behind the sink or cooktop, a peel and stick backsplash provides a direct route to flair and flamboyance, without exorbitant costs.

•    They can be installed on any surface – drywall, old and worn out tiles, plywood or paneling. They can also be used on cabinets, counters, furniture and accents to add an artistic touch.

•    The installation is simple, requiring nothing more than a saw or utility knife. The entire process can be completed in a few hours.  However, the results are absolutely dazzling and last for a long, long time.

•    There are a wide variety of finishes to choose from. Brushed copper, stainless steel or champagne are just a few of them.

Who needs high-end installations during tough economic times? There’s a cheaper alternative here, finally.