Removing Decal Designs From Your Kitchen Backsplash: How To Do It

Applying decal designs is a great way to test new designs very fast and inexpensively. But what if you want to remove them from your kitchen tiles and you simply do not know how to? For instance, your kitchen may have a glossy white ceramic backsplash, with fruit motif on random tiles. You want to get rid of these designs but do not know what to do.

Before you can remove the designs, you will need to determine what it really is.  Is it a sticker or a decal design, or is it paint?

If it so happens that your kitchen’s tiles have been painted, then chances are it may be a bit harder to remove the designs. Many tiles are painted with designs and then fired in a kiln at really high temperatures. What’s more – many tiles have glaze applied on the top surface prior to firing in the kiln. This is done so that the design will last long. If this is the process that has been applied to your tiles as well, chances are you may not be able to remove the designs without damaging the tiles.

Scraping the tiles, using paint removers, goof off, nail polish remover or acetone might work in some cases, but not all. If you haven’t done this kind of thing before, you may end up scratching or chipping the tiles.

Your best option in this case would possibly be to try refinishing the tiles.  Refinishing ceramic tiles is getting more and more popular, but it best done by professionals if you want the final results to look good.

If the designs aren’t paint but only decal or a sticker, you are in luck. You can remove those yourself without needing to call in the professionals. Here’s how it’s done …

Use a razor scraper  – or maybe an old debit card – held at around 45 degrees to scrape the decal design. Do not apply too much force or you may end up scratching or chipping the tile.

Scrub the scraped area with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. You should see the remaining bits of the design dissolving in the solution.

Wipe the tile with a fresh ball of cotton soaked in nail polish remover. This should remove all traces of the design from your tiles.

If you are unsure exactly how the designs have been created, then your best bet may be to hire a professional to do the job for you.

That said, you might want to take a look at this video about removing wall stickers.  The process may not always be this easy 🙂