Stainless steel kitchen backsplash: A complete all-rounder

The most common material that one will find in most kitchens all over the world is stainless steel. Its not just utensils and cookware that are a rage, but even stainless steel counter tops and stainless steel sinks are much more in demand that other materials. Now this versatile and extremely durable material adds yet another feather in its cap with the popularity of the stainless steel kitchen backsplash. Making an appearance in restaurant kitchens, these are now a permanent fixture in almost all homes across America. With more and more designs appearing everyday, this offers the perfect finish to any kitchen.

The secret behind its super success

There an array of factors those have contributed to its stupendous success. For starters, it is easy to install and easy to clean. It is heat and water resistant, highly durable and hygienic to the core. The use of the finger print less or stainless sealer makes the backsplash resistant to stains and those greasy fingerprints. So cleaning is definitely a breeze. Stainless steel tiles are of the same thickness of other materials but offer better features. You can also mix and match with other finishes like copper, brass, titanium and zinc to create a very unique look in the kitchen. Stainless steel itself is available in several finishes like satin and matte that have high visual appeal. Attractive, easy to maintain and above all extremely cost effective at $20-$35 per square foot, only reinforce the fact that this is definitely here to stay, and stay for good. Whether you choose to cover the entire backsplash area or just place the tiles randomly, you can create a tremendous effect either way.

Prior to installing the tile, you must measure the dimensions of the backsplash wall accurately. You can either order tiles from the manufacturer or get custom made tiles to suit your requirement. The tiles are installed either with an adhesive or by screwing them to the wall.

If you are looking for a discount backsplash, then searching online is a great idea. After all, there’s nothing better than getting a contemporary look for the kitchen at reduced prices.

This backsplash offers a host of advantages to the home owner. Fun and funky all the same, there are newer possibilities that are emerging everyday that are bound to give all other materials a run for the money.

There are quite a few details you need to pay attention to when you are using stainless steel. If you watch the next video and listen closely, you should be able to pick up a few very important tips that should help you immensely in your own kitchen design or remodeling project.