Stone backsplash: Leave no stone unturned

What are the most commonly used tiles in wine cellars and bathrooms? Its stone tiles that have a monopoly in that area. But now that monopoly threatens to spill over to other arenas as well. Like in the field of kitchen backsplashes. The stone  backsplash in a multitude of designs and colors is threatening the hold of all the other finishes like metal and glass.

Varieties in stone

Stone is definitely an excellent option for kitchen design. For starters, it offers a superb surface to take all the abuse in the kitchen for years. So whether it is the food or liquid spatters, it becomes extremely easy to deal with them. Add to this the in-depth range of colors and amazing clarity in the detail that makes stone a great bargain.

You can choose from a diverse range of stone:

* Marble: This natural, highly polished stone is popular but is susceptible to staining by acidic foods.
* Granite: This rock- hard stone is far better than marble in terms of durability. It is an excellent option. But make sure you seal the surface to prevent stains.
* Limestone: Although it requires sealing, it offers higher resistance to scratching and etching.
* Slate: This non-slip surface provided by a stone that has several layers of rock in a myriad of colors, provides a great surface for backsplashes.
* Tumble stone: Marble, travertine and limestone are cut and tumbled to create an old world and rustic appeal. This is very popular and goes well with granite counter tops.

Stone tile murals: Etched for life

If you’re looking to truly revitalize your kitchen, then there’s nothing better than tumbled stone tile murals. The Tuscan tumbled stone murals with paintings of the Tuscany farm house or even the beautiful landscape in this warm Italian countryside are a case in point. These stone tiles for the kitchen backsplash come in both matte and satin finish and look absolutely fabulous. The use of different types of natural stone is also a great idea but may not really suit somebody working on a tight budget. Hand-printed stone is ideal to create a personalized focal point at a very affordable price. You can also check out the stack stone look backsplash or even the hand made marble mosaic stone tile on eBay. Whether it is quartzite, marble, slate or travertine, you’ll find ways on how to install a it on the Internet.

If you are hell bent on leaving no stone unturned in creating a strong yet attractive focal point in your kitchen, then the stone backsplash is all you need.

Here’s an informative video that touches upon some very important topics. See how easy the installation process really is. You do not have to be a pro to get this done.  Just about anyone can do this.