Kitchen tools

The 10 best single-use kitchen utensils

Summer cooking means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and these smart kitchen tools are designed to make preparing and cooking your summer produce easier than ever.

Often, space on the worktop is essential in our kitchens; if a device Where gadget begins to accumulate dust, it ends up in the make a donation trash can to make room for more useful items. Every now and then, however, you find this rare and lonely tool that fully earns its place in your kitchen, and in addition, your heart! With summer products in abundance, we have found exactly those tools that will make the husking, pitting, slicing and peeling of certain fruits and vegetables easier. And of course you can get scrappy with some cooking tips to tackle this product, but sometimes you just need this gadget that does a job, and does it so well!

Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Sheller, at Amazon

A Strawberry sheller is the gateway tool in this lot. He’s cute and compact, and looks like the fruit he’s stalking. It’s small enough that you can forget it in a kitchen drawer until summer season – and then all of a sudden you’re knee-deep in strawberry sales at the grocery store! So you pull out that strawberry sheller to seed those juicy berries for pies, pies, and smoothies galore. Buy now

Prepworks by Progressive Multi-Cherry Pitter, on Amazon

If you have cooked with cherries or used them in fruit salads, you know how painful removing pits can be. You carve them with a knife, or cut them in half, then lift the core, sometimes throwing it across the room (or is it just me?). With a multi-cherry pitter, you can tackle four cherries at once, without any mess. This carmine cherry just got a little easier! Buy now

Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Zipper for Corn, on Amazon

As the end of summer approaches and the corn season is in full swing, grocery stores and farmers’ markets are overflowing with bins full of corn on the cob. When gate or prepared as elote, you like corn still on the cob. But for corn salads and salsas, these juicy, golden grains should be removed. For these occasions, a corn flayer does a quick job of a corn cob, effortlessly amassing piles of kernels by pulling the tool on the cob.Buy now

MSC International tomato slicer and knife, at Amazon

Summer grills and caprese salads call for crisp, ripe flavors tomato slices. And when you’re getting ready for a crowd, you don’t want to get bored cutting unevenly, struggling to grab the end of the tomato, and crushing the juice with too much pressure. For those times, you want a tomato slicer to hold that product in place and measure even slices. Quickly slice, serve and get back to socializing! Buy now

Amco Peach Pitter & Slicer, on Amazon

And let’s not forget the other Caprese Salad, full of ripe, fresh peaches. Whether it be salads, desserts, or just a big old plate of these fruits, peaches are the epitome of summer stone fruit. When the grocery store sales leave you with bags and sacks of these beauties, a peach pitcher is a necessity. Slice and pit with this tool and bake all the pies you can collect before this season of the most delicious produce is over! (If you don’t want slices, you can try this peach stoner which only cuts in half and pits the fruit. Either one also works on nectarines.) Buy now

Watermelon slicer, at Williams-Sonoma

Summer means watermelon slices as an aperitif, side dish, and dessert! With a watermelon slicer, you can cut a watermelon in half straight to the rind and remove each slice with the same tool. Instead of having to cut a jagged edge along the crust, each piece is perfect and crustless, ready to serve at a sunny barbecue. (In fact, there are several styles of watermelon slicer, including this nifty paddle wheel gadget which promises perfect cubes for your fruit salad.) Buy now

Pineapple corer and slicer, at Sur La Table

And what about this essential ingredient in piña colada, pineapple? Although peak pineapple season is mostly outside of summer, there is something about summer street festivals and pool parties that makes us sip pineapple drinks and regularly snack on pineapple slices. With a pineapple corer and slicer, you can remove the core and cut perfect chunks at the same time. And, bonus: it leaves you with the shell to decorate or drink as you wish! Buy now

OXO Kale Stripper, at Bed Bath and Beyond

Shift gears to those CSA Boxes brimming with produce, let’s talk about the tools to manage this sometimes overwhelming abundance of green vegetables. Spending too much time pruning kale of its rough stems? Try a kale stripper! No, this is not the latest trend in vegan bachelor parties; it’s a wonderful gadget that lets you run kale through a notch, easily removing leaves for salads and stir-fries (and it also has smaller holes for removing herbs from woody stems, like the thyme and rosemary, too). It’s sexy! Buy now

Garlic peeler, at Williams Sonoma

Garlic is so amazing, yet so hard to peel (don’t even get me started on these cloves which are actually ten individually wrapped mini cloves)! I know I have garlic coming my way, thanks to my CSA, and a garlic peeler like this will make all the difference. Instead of plucking the garlic skins from each clove (although this is admittedly easier by crushing the clove a bit first) or trying the new one garlic peeling hack of the day, just roll the garlic inside the silicone tube until the skins peel off, quickly and effectively. Perfect to face all those recipes “forty cloves”! Buy now

OXO Good Grips Asparagus Peeler, at Amazon

Finally, we have the asparagus peeler. Although summer is the end of the asparagus season, you will find accompaniments of grilled asparagus accompanying the steaks, burgers, and fish at barbecues. Many of you may feel like you are doing just fine without peeling asparagus, and it’s good. But, for those who a) might want to remove more of the rougher parts of the skin, or b) need an easy way to make asparagus curls for a salad like our Asparagus salad, then an asparagus peeler will do the job, and do it well! Buy now