Kitchen tools

The 12 essential kitchen tools you need to start cooking

The best kitchens can’t be bought all at once, they are built, gradually and with love, over the course of a lifetime. But you have to start somewhere, that’s where this handy guide to the absolute essentials cookware comes in. We have compiled a list of 12 Things That Will Get You To Cook (Almost!) Anything You Could Want To Do As A Beginner CookFrom pan-seared steak and roasted vegetables to chocolate chip cookies, all for $ 275. (This complete set would make a lovely preeeeeetty gift, I’m just saying.)

One caveat: You may notice that there are a few key things missing from this list, such as a can opener, whisk, wooden spoon, or tongs. That’s because, if you ask us, these are things you’d better pick up at a thrift or dollar store if you don’t have them already – all you’ll end up working is that. which you need. do at this point. The things on this list, on the other hand, are pieces of equipment where quality really, really makes a difference.. Having a good chef’s knife, or a fairly large cutting board, or a few sturdy pans will not only make cooking easier and more efficient, but also more fun.

There will be plenty of opportunities down the road to make affordable incremental cooking upgrades, as well as times when you want to splurge (or very kindly ask someone else to splurge for you) on types. fancy equipment that will open up new worlds of culinary possibilities. But for someone who is just getting their bearings in the kitchen, we think these 12 Kitchen Essentials are a really, really solid place to start.

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