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The 12 Kitchen Utensils That Really Helped Me Lose Weight

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Weight Watchers

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for about eight months now, and so far I’ve lost just under 25 pounds while eating foods I love (like pizza. Lots of pizza).

During that time, I’ve done a lot of experimenting in the kitchen – a feat made easy by the fact that I love to cook and have access to great tools and appliances. But some of these items are more practical than others.

When it comes to preparing healthy meals, there are a ton of gadgets out there that tout themselves as the “answer” to all your needs. I tested a lot of them (I mean, it’s literally my job), and most of them ended up being a complete waste of time. So I thought it would be helpful to make a list of the gadgets and tools that I Actually use to help me stay on track when it comes to cooking and eating well. Some of them are as simple as the measuring spoons you already have in your drawer, but some might surprise you.

Whether or not you’re on Weight Watchers, the following tools could make a difference in your quest for healthier, more delicious home-cooked meals.