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The best Dash kitchen appliances the whole family can love this Mother’s Day

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If you’re on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve seen some of Dash’s cutest devices do the rounds on social media on your feed. From cute waffle irons to quick egg cookers and convenient air fryers, the homeware company’s goal of leading healthier lives has everyone excited about preparing our meals. With the goal of eating on a steady path to continued wellness, Dash empowers everyone to prepare and eat real food and feel their best.

Plus, with spring officially here and warmer weather calling us outdoors, it’s no secret that we want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, which is why Dash is the one of the best ways to use your sunshine time this season. Not to mention the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day that the whole family can love while offering relief to the hardest working woman we know.

With a variety of kitchen options and helpers, we at have selected the six best products – in the cutest and most diverse color palette – that will help you prepare delicious meals all year round while sharing our top three editor’s picks! Read on to find out which Dash catalog items are best for you this season.

egg bites machine


With over 10,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7 star score, the Dash Egg Bite Maker is one of the company’s best, if not adorable, devices. If you’re as obsessed with Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites as we are, this is your device. Available for $29.99, the Egg Bite Maker helps you whip up tasty, customizable egg bites for those looking to pack 12 grams of protein in just under 10 minutes, thanks to its perfectly heated plates. Complete with a recipe guide and four silicone cups, the Egg Bite Maker creates perfectly sized bites every time, ideal for meal prep, freezing later or even breakfast on the go. [More details at Amazon]


Editor’s Choice: Quick egg cooker


This Editor’s Choice is a dream gadget that offers perfectly cooked eggs every time for just $17.99, and just the way you like them, whether boiled, poached or in an omelette. Ready in less time than it takes to boil water on the stovetop, this Dash appliance perfectly cooks eggs with an easy-to-understand guide and an auto shut-off feature (with an adorable buzzer alarm) that prevents overcooking so you can set it and forget it. The best part is that this device is non-stick with dishwasher safe accessories, including an omelette bowl, 2-egg poaching tray and 6-egg boiling tray for various egg preferences. If that didn’t charm you, this lightweight and compact gadget is easy to store and perfect for small spaces, dorm rooms, and even camping trips. [More details at Amazon]


mini waffle maker


Nothing says hello like waffles! This adorable mini waffle maker makes the perfect 4 inch waffles every time, thanks to a nonstick cooking surface that heats evenly for consistent, delicious results without ever sacrificing counter space. Best of all, this Dash device is super fun and kid-friendly and can be used for a variety of meals and treats that aren’t just limited to breakfast. With a recipe guide, so you can get creative and give the classics a spin, consumers can indulge themselves with cookie dough ingredients, hash browns, and even make keto chaffles. No configuration is required, so plug it in and enjoy for $12.99! [More details at Amazon]


✅ Editor’s Pick: Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer


The Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer is an absolute favorite at PopCulture. This handy countertop air fryer, retails for $59.99, is sized for any kitchen and easy to move or store with its compact finish while offering an excellent 2.6 quart capacity. Create crisp, fresh food quickly without fat for a healthy meal the whole family can enjoy. Best of all, it’s perfect for fresh foods, like chicken wings, or frozen foods like French fries. The redesigned Crisper basket is easy to wash and offers a larger non-stick surface inside the air fryer with its AirCrisp technology so your food is fried with up to 75% less fat. The adjustable dial with auto shut-off prevents overcooking and allows you to control time and temperature while removing the basket without difficulty. [More details at Amazon]


Everyday ice cream maker


Nothing says warmer weather like ice cream! Dash Everyday Ice Cream Maker and Popsicle Maker is a pure joy for everyone, bringing you frozen treats anytime. Perfect for those with dietary limitations, this $39.99 Dash device offers consumers the possibility to personalize their desserts in different ways and with the help of a recipe book. Whether it’s organic, non-dairy, creamy, or classic ice cream or just popsicles made with fresh fruit juice, the everyday ice cream maker and ice cream maker will be a surefire hit in your home. The 1 liter double-walled insulated freezer bowl makes the perfect party ice cream and can be stored in your freezer for indulgent treats anytime. With the ability to make four cups of ice cream in just 20 minutes, the gadget includes the Dash Everyday Ice Cream Maker, popsicle mold and bowl, and seven reusable popsicle sticks. [More details at Amazon]


✅ Editor’s Choice: Extra Large Griddle


Dash’s Everyday Griddle is perfect for just about anything your stove can do, but in less time! Retail for $59.99, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner with this sweet appliance, such as pancakes, quesadillas, burgers, eggs, etc. The spacious 19.75 x 9.5 inch nonstick surface heats up quickly while saving you time and effort, while the heating probe provides precise control of cooking temperatures. Best of all, it’s easy to wipe down and the drip tray catches excess grease before it hits your countertop. [More details at Amazon]