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The best kitchen utensils that are super practical and will keep your hands trouble-free

The confinement made us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Even people who had never set foot in a kitchen have taken up new hobbies like baking and cooking different recipes they find on youtube. If cooking is something you have to do daily, here are some kitchen utensils that will make your process easier and faster without worrying about hands. These versatile kitchen items and kitchen utensils will save you time.

Slicer Holder

This holder features unique stainless steel prongs that allow you to hold sliced ​​vegetables hands-free. This handy gadget not only holds the vegetable for you (no more stinky hands), but also guides your knife for perfectly even slices. If you don’t want to touch an onion, this gadget will be a great solution. It evenly slices tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and even hard-boiled eggs.

Price: 291 rupees

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Peeler and Grater

This versatile kitchen tool has an ergonomic design that allows you to use it very easily. It not only shreds but also slices, meaning you only need to use one tool to do it all!


Price: 298 rupees

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Chopper and dough cutter

This essential kitchen tool will give your desserts, salsas and kebabs the perfect texture. It also helps chop soft fruits and vegetables or nuts, crush baby food, make salsa, guacamole and muffin topping – the options are endless! You will be shocked at the high quality and WANT to make more of it just so you can use it, which is ultimately healthier for you and your family.


Price: Rs.380

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Crusher Presser

This premium cooking tool can be used to easily mince unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled root ginger in seconds. This garlic crusher is made of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rusting. This garlic press is not limited to garlic, it can also crush ginger.


Price: 278 rupees

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vegetable chopper

If you’re a real lazy person, you definitely dread the task of chopping vegetables. If so, then this vegetable chopper will be your knight in shining armor! It effortlessly cuts vegetables, fruits, boneless meats and nuts in seconds. The chopper has 7 easy-to-change inserts, including two different sized chopper blades and two spiralizer inserts. Now you can make your cooking process easier and faster.


Price: Rs.199

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Hand blender

This versatile hand blender will help you make all the cappuccinos and lattes you could want. It can also be used to beat eggs or make a delicious cup of milkshake. You can become a Barista overnight and brew cafe-style coffee at home. Get creamy froth in 15-20 seconds with this milk frother.


Price: 249 rupees

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Silicone cleaning gloves

Alright, I’m not going to talk about how boring and stressful it is to do the dishes, because I’m sure we’ve all faced the horror. If you’re someone who hates getting your hands dirty with food scraps, these silicone gloves are a must. It eliminates the need for a sponge and you can just put them on and scrub all the sstubborn greases, oils and dirt.


Price: 298 rupees

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