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This TikTok Kitchen Scale Hack Shows I’ve Been Weighing Ingredients The Wrong Way All My Life

Spotted by us: an awesome TikTok kitchen scale you hack need to try. Because TikTok isn’t just for dancing and makeup trends, you can also discover some game-changing life tips by browsing your For You page. The example is the last tip I chose, which shows the best way to measure kitchen ingredients with digital scales. I always thought I knew how to measure my baking ingredients, but oh, how wrong I was.

Before this TikTok kitchen scale hack, I always placed a bowl on my digital scale and zeroed it before filling it with the desired amount of flour, butter, or whatever. Then I would add this to my mixing bowl and put the measuring bowl in the sink to be washed later. It turns out that it creates unnecessary dishes, and I have been wasting my time for years when there is an easy way to cut out the middleman.

As revealed by the TikTok user @weightloss_beth, there has always been a smarter way. While the trick won’t work with all of the best kitchen scales, it’s incentive enough to invest in a digital model.


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TikTok Kitchen Scale Hack: How To Do It …

Simply place your ingredient container on the scale (be it a bag of sugar or a block of butter), then zero the scale. Then remove the ingredients from the container and into your mixing bowl until the scale reaches minus the amount you need, -125g, for example. The sugar bag weighs 125 grams less than when you put it on the scale, the desired amount went straight to your mixing bowl and you just saved some dishes.

One thing to keep in mind when weighing your ingredients is to wait until the weight on your scale display has adjusted before adding them to your bowl. This means that you don’t add too much to the bowl, because once it’s in and added to your baking mix, it can be difficult to take it back.

The hack works well for those on a diet or watching their calorie intake, but it’s also a great tip for avid bakers and home chefs. All you need is a digital scale, which can be inexpensive and also easy to find online. Below are our top picks.