Kitchen tools

Timeless kitchen utensils

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF/CONSUMER REPORTS) – We have all those useful tools in our kitchens that we crave time and time again; many have been around for decades. Tupperware and pressure cookers, anyone? Consumer Reports looked at some tried-and-true gadgets, some with a modern twist, to see which ones really stand the test of time.

“I’ve had my Tupperware for 49 years and counting,” Cathay Malmgreen said.

Malmgreen has accumulated – and still uses pieces it has had since the 1970s.

“It may be older but it still works, it’s very functional,” Malmgreen said.

Similar to Tupperware, these melamine dishes have been popular since the 1930s. Angela Lashbrook of Consumer Reports just took a look at several sets you can buy from Walmart in West Elm.

“Melamine is a great solution if you’re looking to get rid of plastic or paper plates. It looks quite similar to regular plates, but it’s lightweight, impact resistant and generally dishwasher safe,” Lashbrook said.

A 12-piece set from Certified International is versatile enough to take out on a picnic or dinner party – and dishes won’t scratch under knives and forks.

The next kitchen tool might not sound essential until you hear from Anna Kocharian of Consumer Reports.

“Once you own a juicer, it’s pretty hard to come back to life without one. Most of the time, they’ll help keep seeds and lots of pulp out of your mix,” Kocharian says.

The Chef’n and Fresh Force is easy to grip and convenient for squeezing multiple lemons in one go.

Coffee lovers, get ready for this next tip: the Chemex coffee maker just might make you think twice before that drip coffee maker takes up space on your counter.

“It was actually invented in 1941 and it still looks and functions identically to its original design,” Lashbrook said.

The pour-over style coffee maker is easy to use, hard to break, and delivers an aromatic, balanced brew with sweet, juicy undertones.

Consumer Reports states that to get the best taste from your Chemex, use the Chemex filters which are thicker and prevent any grounds from entering the coffee and clouding it.