Mexican travertine backsplash: Honed to perfection

The kitchen forms the heart of every home and without a doubt; it is the kitchen backsplash that reflects the design of the kitchen and home. But creating an ideal kitchen backsplash is not really an easy task considering the array of finishes that are available. From metal, glass, ceramic tiles and even stone, there’s quite a formidable range. Of these materials, natural stone is preferred for its durability and strength. But even among natural stone like granite, slate and marble, it is the Mexican travertine backsplash that offers maximum versatility. Available in diverse shapes, sizes and colors, travertine tile kitchen backsplash ideas are among the most sought after.

Travertine products- Endless range

Travertine, especially Mexican travertine, is not just confined to kitchen backsplashes alone. It is used to great effect for counter tops, walls, floorings, sinks, mosaic meches, moldings and even furniture. You can come across a range of travertine products from all over the world like Turkey, Spain, Iran, Italy Greece and of course, Mexico. You’ll be able find Mexican travertine tiles in a multitude of sizes. From the 6×6 tumbled travertine terra cotta , to tiles in 12×12, 24×24 and 36×36 sizes, you’ll find something that fits all areas. Even the diversity in the colors is stunning. You’ll find these tiles in a riot of colors like beige, gold, brown, pink, red, ivory and walnut, to name a few. It is no surprise that this extremely versatile and soft textured natural stone is the first choice for both residence and commercial purposes. Both polished and honed, travertine definitely scores over marble and its other counterparts. At a cost of $4 per square foot, it is certainly every home owners dream.

The downside

But like all other natural stones, the travertine is prone to scratches, marks, etches and even brittling tiles after a certain period of time. You may even require polishing the tiles in order to restore their original sheen. Many a time even the honed travertine may begin to look dull and dirty. In such cases, you may need to resort to buffing, sealing or even custom color epoxy filling for the travertine deficiencies. The drawbacks notwithstanding, travertine continues to be popular among homeowners looking to spruce up their kitchens.

Travertine is an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes and is sure to give your kitchen and home a picture perfect finish. You cannot help but falling in love with it.

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