Tuscan Home Decorating Basics

Modern tropical, classic vintage or shabby chic – interior decorating ideas can be used in myriad ways to define your inherent uniqueness. But for those that want to experience the sheer bucolic bliss of rustic Tuscany, it’s hard not to be enamored by Tuscan home decorating ideas. And they stop at nothing before their vision is finally realized – that of a living space bursting with tantalizing Tuscan designs. So whether it is their living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, every nook and corner reflects an intricate tapestry of colors, fabrics, metals and accessories.

Enthralling Exteriors, Inimitable Interiors

Traditional Mediterranean style of architecture pays glowing tributes to primitive construction materials like stucco, plaster and terracotta. Not surprisingly, the Tuscan style of decorating the exterior displays similar orientations.

The interiors are an inspired fusion of delightful design and captivating colors. High ceilings establish the unquestionable impact of simple and elegant Mediterranean design. But it is the expansive use of vibrant colors that infuses verve and imagination in the space.

Intricately layered walls painted in warm, delectable shades of yellow and gold start a conversation almost instantly. While burnt orange drenches the walls and floors in a cloak of drama and intrigue; delicious tomato red, electrifying cobalt blue, serene olive green and iridescent sunflower yellow add an air of charm to the accents, handpainted wall décor, Tuscan rugs and home furnishings.

Furniture in Tuscan homes is fashioned with craft and creativity from a variety of materials like iron, fine hardwood and rustic hardwoods, and embellished with accents of marble, leather, tile and iron. You can add to the elegance of these traditional furniture pieces by using decorations like iron wall grilles, earthenware pottery, wall hangings, trees, plants, silk flower arrangements and woven art tapestry.

Want to illuminate the innate beauty and elegance of this design? Make sure iron candle holders, wall sconces, chandeliers and lanterns enhance that classic, old world charm.

Let The Kitchen Be The Cynosure Of All Eyes

Since the Italians love for good food and animated chatter is well-known, you don’t need to be reminded of the fact that your project remains incomplete if the kitchen décor is put on the backburner.

Once again, it is the effusive use of color that arrests attention. Burnt orange and copper grace dark wood cabinets, granite countertops, pot racks, food canisters, copper cookware and planters. Large Tuscan dinnerware serving accessories, urns, pots, bowls, plates, copper cooking utensils when teamed with small framed artwork, faux vegetables, fruits and decorative greenery send the cozy factor soaring.

Bedrooms – Setting The Benchmark For Exceptional Luxury

An aesthetically designed Tuscan bedroom promises a unique sensory experience for life’s most intimate moments. Tall ceilings, subdued lighting, dark wood furniture, deep-toned walls, scrolled wrought-iron wall décor, Mediterranean styled beds draped in sensational luxury, carved decorative mirrors and fine art tapestry redefine style and sophistication.

Tuscan styled bathrooms exude warmth and a casual style. Natural stones like granite, marble and slate, wood, iron and ceramic tiles set the tone; while accessories drenched in delightful shades of gold and brown provide the perfect adjunct to the celebration.

So isn’t it time you jumped on to the bandwagon too?

Now, what’s the best way to design things Tuscan style? Well, for starters, you might want to pay a visit to the place and try to imbibe the spirit of the place. See the riot of colors, taste the tastes, smell the smells … to put it simply, get totally soaked in what makes Tuscany the way it is. And you will be able to design the best Tuscan kitchen in your neighborhood.

But what if you just can’t fly off to sunny Tuscany at the drop of a hat to spend a month or two there? In that case, you might want to watch the following videos 🙂