Vinyl backsplash: Down-to-earth brilliance

If you want to give a new look to your kitchen without undertaking a full-fledged remodel project, then what is the best option before you? Well, let’s see. You could probably perk up that dull and drab wall behind the sink and the counter top. But in case you are working on a really tight budget there’s nothing better than installing vinyl tiles as a backsplash in the kitchen. This is definitely high on style but very cost effective all the same. Vinyl tiles are ideal for use in the kitchen.

Peel and stick: It’s so simple

Installation involves the use of peel and stick vinyl tiles on the wall. As the name itself suggests, the application of these tiles is rather simple. These tiles are available in diverse designs and colors. You can choose between the matte and glossy finish. There is an array of stunning colors that these tiles offer homeowners. You can blend these colors with the kitchen floor, counters and walls. What’s more you can even create your own designs. Vinyl tiles in warm, earthy tones will enable you to create that perfect Tuscany or even the rustic styled kitchen. There’s no better option that vinyl tiles to update your kitchen space.


Since these tiles require only peeling and sticking, the installation is rather simple provided you adhere to these prerequisites:

* First, you need to make sure that the wall on which the tiles are to be installed is absolutely clean. This will ensure that the tiles stick well.
* Create a template of the complete area with space for the electrical outlets and switches.
* Begin with placing the tiles on the template. This will enable you to appreciate the layout of the vinyl tiles on the wall and the place required for the cut outs.
* Affix the tiles on the wall. Check if they are straight with the help of a level.
* Use a tile cutter to cut the tiles to the appropriate size. Vinyl tiles can be cut rather easily.
* Press the tiles on the wall with the help of rolling pins. The more pressure you exert, the better the tiles will stick.

If you need more information on the use of vinyl tiles, there are scores of forums and videos and pictures that will be of great use to you.

Colorful, funky and fun-that’s the vinyl backsplash for you. It’s hard to find something that is so brilliant like it and yet so down-to-earth.