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Want to make the perfect burger? Use these kitchen utensils

There are many ways to cook burgers at home. From the use of a air fryer to pull the outdoor grill, every burger building experience is unique. As I personally like to use a griddle, I recommend a black stone for your meat cooking needs.

Here’s a list of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets for every step in the process of making delicious homemade burgers.


If you’re serious about your burgers, you need a meat grinder. By starting from scratch and using prime steak cuts in your grinder, you can completely transform the taste and texture of your patty and add sophistication to your burger experience.

My favorite accessory that comes with this grinder is the foot pedal. Keeping your hands free to turn the machine on and off when trying to put a steak in it is a nightmare. The foot pedal makes the whole process a much cleaner experience.


I used to make all my burger patties by hand and while it can be fun, it resulted in uneven burgers. Using a press helps you control the density of your burger so that no matter how many you make, you can cook them consistently. This press can make burgers from 1/4 inch up to 1 1/2 inches. It’s also non-stick and dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a snap.

Solar basket

Sunbasket is just about the best meal kit service out there (read our full review here), and it’s only getting better for burger lovers this summer. In honor of grilling season, Sunbasket is offering a new premium Wagyu artisan burger recipe every week from May 23 through June 27, created by Sunbasket’s in-house chefs.

Subscribers to the service should expect the unexpected, with creations like Australian-style Wagyu burgers with fried egg and pineapple barbecue sauce or Korean Wagyu sliders with spicy kimchi salad and mango salad.


The perfect burger deserves the perfect fries. And now that air fryers are so popular and easy to use, you can make healthy fries from scratch. To achieve a cohesive look, invest in a simple cutter like this Weston slicer. As any chef will tell you, you can’t cook something perfectly if they’re all different sizes.


I used to think grilling burgers was the best way to cook them, but I was wrong. Using a Blackstone griddle is now my go-to choice for the perfect patty. This four burner flat top is a beast, perfect for a large family or gatherings, although there are also smaller choices.

Unlike burgers cooked on a grill where the juices drip down, the Blackstone lets those juices simmer the burger, locking in all the moisture. Try cooking your burger over a pile of onions to really lock in the flavor.

Daily flights

My Meater Probe has become one of my go-to tools for cooking meat. Whether you’re cooking a giant brisket or a medium-rare burger, the Meater gives you a constant update on how your meat is cooking and when it should be removed from the heat.

Because the Meater is app-controlled, it has many pre-configured settings for meat, including burgers, so you can easily cater to everyone’s tastes.

black stone

This press from Blackstone is perfect for cooking multiple burgers at once. The heavy iron griddle holds burgers, toast and bacon with equal ease and gives you even cooking throughout the patty. If you want to mix up and add tacos to your National Burger Day, this grill press is a must-have.

How to cook a good burger?

Two homemade burgers on a cutting board with ingredients in the background

Bjorn Bremer/Getty

There are two different ways to cook a good burger. You can go the artisan burger route, using thick patties that can come out at different temperatures like rare, medium-rare, or medium – or you can go for the ultra-thin “Five Guys” approach.

Using a hot plate press on your Blackstone will compress the burger patty and essentially fry them in their own juices. I like to put the patty on the Blackstone, add onions, then mash them hard. Once they’ve browned a bit, I add cheese and another patty, then mash them again. They come out incredibly juicy.

For craft burgers, you can use a really good cut of steak and grind it up. I recommend adding at least some onion powder to the patty, but in my opinion the more herbs and spices the better. Using a burger press is the key to a gourmet burger: it compresses the patty while keeping it thick so it cooks well, even on a charcoal grill.