Kitchen appliances

Why you should never buy kitchen appliances at Target

Target, without a doubt, has a wide selection of appliances for your kitchen. mentions that you can find almost everything you need for your kitchen here at affordable prices that are sure to catch your eye. Although their prices may seem low, they are definitely not the best deals you can find.

Take, for example, an average kitchen utensil set. At Target, you can buy a Mixed media toolset, which includes 13 different cookware, for $30. Although it may seem like a bargain, you can buy a similar set, like the LeMuna Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set which includes 18 different kitchen utensils, Amazon for only $28. This means that on Amazon you can get five more utensils for $2 less. A similar difference also occurs for large kitchen appliances. For example, Target sells the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Multicooker and Rice Cooker for the regular price of $43. Amazon, on the other hand, sells exactly the same product for only $40. While that’s only a $3 difference, if you’re looking for the best deals on your new kitchen appliances, Target shouldn’t be the only place you’re looking. What’s more, if you buy several appliances, these savings could quickly add up!